What is MPA?

Maori Postal Aotearoa is a society incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act, 1957, and functions as a Gospel literature outreach to people throughout Aotearoa. The society produces material that is available to all groups who desire to use it.

What do we do?

  • We distribute Bible lessons to approximately 4000 people each month. Lessons and magazines are sent in bulk to our leaders in the field who contact the families by post or personal visitation.
  • We publish a full-colour magazine, “Tupu Whakarangi” (“Growing Heavenward”) approximately every three months, with a circulation of 6,000.
  • We Publish a bi-monthly free children’s magazine “Tamariki A Ihowa” (Jehovah”s Children).
  • We print and publish Bible Text Posters and other Gospel literature suitable for distribution.
  • We dispatch 25,000 Gospel calendars each year.
  • We are currently reaching at least 8000 homes with the Gospel on a regular basis and many others on a less frequent basis.
  • We regularly send Gospel literature to homes, schools, prisons and other organizations.
  • A Full Colour Catalogue displaying material is available from HQ.

How is MPA financed?

Financial support comes from donations/koha by individuals, trusts and Christian Brethren Assemblies. While branch leaders are responsible for certain costs incurred in the running of their branches, most literature is supplied free of charge.

All gifts sent to MPA are paid into the general fund and are used for printing, maintenance, wages, postage and day to day running costs unless otherwise stated.  Gifts intended for the personal support of workers should be clearly marked accordingly.

Every koha (unconditional gift) helps.  We thank you kindly for your gift, and pray that the Lord uses it mightily for His purposes.

Who owns the property and assets?

All property, plant and equipment at HQ is owned by the society which is incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Acts, 1957.

Who are the workers?

There are two full-time workers and one part time worker at HQ, including the National Directors.

There are a number of faithful voluntary workers who enjoy coming to HQ to assist with many of the repetitive jobs that need to be done such as collating, stapling, enveloping, assembling orders and preparing parcels for post.

What is a branch leader?

Throughout the country we have many branch leaders who are commended by their local fellowships and are responsible for the work in their districts. They receive lessons, magazines and other material in bulk from HQ and arrange the distribution, collection and marking. Leaders are encouraged to have as much personal contact with families as possible. All Branch Leaders are free to arrange picnics, bar-b-ques, camps, prize-givings and other activities as they are able to do so. (A brochure is available from HQ setting out the requirements and responsibilities of a branch leader).

The society’s AGM is usually held on a weekend in March when as many leaders as possible come together for a time of fellowship, reports and encouragement.

Executive Committee

An Executive committee which meets twice each year is responsible for all policy decisions and forward planning. It is made up of members representing different regions of the country.